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About Nothing Clothing Company    (psst it isn't about us...)


This is how we do it!

In 2014 Gary and Emma developed a platform that will change the world. They devised a way to make the world care once more and to really place the focus on the support, enrichment and inspiration of others. A process that will bridge the gap of Race, Ability, Age, Class, Culture. A following that will be as dynamic as it is rewarding for every person it touches. This isn't a catwalk, this isn't a phase. THIS IS CHANGING LIVES


We figured that instead of joining a massive sea of fashion brands, we would flip this on it's head and create our OWN MARKET. Of course we still create seasonal and high trend fashions, but we take this soooo much further. What happens when a brand drops its image and places the focus on those it helps? More importantly. What happens when that brand encourages its supporters, associated celebrities and business to do the same? Now we are talking. Nothing is growing into a significant platform that works closely with charities and allows them to build their own brands. We work with TV stars, industry pro's and celebrities - creating ethical killer merchandise that really drives their fan-base, yet insists that the bigger picture from these and their fans be the care of others. By choosing nothing, these guys are inviting all of their fans, supporters and customers to be a part of something special.

A rap star in the U.S has a hard image. It's tough out there! The lyrics flow about experiences : drugs, guns, knives, gangs - but this person can now prevent somebody from going down the same route. This person can demonstrate to others a true inner care that you may not realise is there. He has created a t-shirt with us, funded a medical center and ultimately his part could save a life. Going deeper each of his fans now has the thoughts of supporting others. Every time they hear his track, they are reminded of CARE. They are inspired to support and they feel pretty damn good for being a part of our family. 

We are not a proud brand and brand dilution means nothing to us. In fact we want the world wearing our products. Where you see us being worn, you really are seeing true care, and the coming together to change lives. We challenge you to name a brand that proudly shouts that it is worn by Celebrities, Fashionistas, students, oap's down the bingo, bob on the building site, and wait for it.... HOMELESS people. Yes that's right We donate our clothing to those in need. Besides, why shouldn't somebody on the street look just as  good as you? 

What we are doing here is creating a global connected network of like minded caring people, all coming together to help others. This doesn't just end with donations. We work with Cancer sufferers, Autistic kids and Children with Aids in Africa and we believe that we bring something truly special to the table. If you or your brand have a similar outlook to us then we want to work with you. By joining our platform we are in essence changing the world one human at a time and doing it in a way that everybody gets something for NOTHING.

See that inner smile you now have, along with the urge to want to help by just reading this.  You are witnessing the power of the worlds first brand, that isn't a brand that is. And guess what it's called NOTHING clothing company.

NOTHING CLOTHING COMPANY is the UK's premier good-cause fashion company. Born of our vision to use popular culture, fashion, and events to give back to those in need. We support many charities, community groups, hospices and in some cases we will also be supporting families that may need assistance. We use a unique system that allows us to not only donate on a regular occasion but gives our customers a sense of doing great. We have designed NOTHING  CLOTHING  COMPANY in this way to be at the forefront of  it's class, and as a foundation for this new exciting and honorable way of shopping. Enjoy the ride and join our journey.

As you are reading this we hope that even the smallest amount of inspiration is being passed on. We know that we are inspired writing it. You will notice that we have a firm attitude towards helping others, and to be frank - it is never about us. Gary and Emma feel that nothing clothing company is the first brand that is not a brand, that is a brand in the world! In fact some may call them slightly crazy -  but they stay true to their vision. We as a company are incredibly proud to represent this.


There are several hidden meanings in our logo which you may not realise. Here are just a few of them and the others will be revealed as you take a deeper look into our company. 

Firstly the name Nothing - Well what better thing to call yourself when the brand isn't about you.

In fact nothing is to symbolise that there is always an avenue for progression, opportunity and enrichment - In actual fact to suggest that in this day and age in which we live.


Secondly The ? in the O  (I did nothing today but what did you do?) This is a sign that our wearers can be proud and demonstrate that they already have answered this question. It is a actually a call to action for all of those that see it. How could they help? What could they offer?..

We also use this along with the reverse G - These 2 elements are evidence of our reverse branding. In some cases a reference to what people first think, when we tell them that we are a brand that does not care about its name or its history.


Who would have thought that putting others first would be so much fun! 

P.S - We realise that making it to the top can be a lonely place so we are taking you all up there with us!

Thank you for helping those we support

Gary & Emma

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